Best hacking gadgets for hackers.

Here is a list of the best hacking gadgets to take your hacking journey to the next level.

Vishesh Dhawan
Vishesh Dhawan
July 19, 2021


1. Raspberry Pie

raspberry pie

Raspberry pie is a credit card size computer that you can easily fit inside your pocket. What makes it a good hacker gadget is its ability to load any operating system from an SD card. You can plug it into a monitor and use an entire desktop 🔥. My favourite OS for hacking is Kali Linux. It comes preloaded with plenty of hacking tools.

2. WiFi Pineapple

WiFi pineapple

It is a gadget focused on WiFi hacking/auditing. It can be used to launch various kinds of attacks such as Deauth, WPS, or MITM(man in the middle) attacks. The main attraction of this device is that it provides a simple web interface from where you can control all the options. It makes all the advanced attacks just a few clicks away. Its simplicity is the major contributing factor for its popularity.

3. Rubber Ducky

rubber ducky

This cool, little gadget is a USB device emulated as a programmed keyboard. When you plug it in a computer, it imitates a user's writing a set of keystrokes designed to launch a program installed on the computer for information gathering or any other illicit activity.

4. Alfa AWUS036NHA router

alfa router

It is a classic high range router for packet injection. Its drivers are supported by Kali Linux.

5. LAN turtle

LAN turtle

LAN Turtle is a covert penetration testing tool that provides stealth access. It is capable of a variety of attacks such as MITM attacks, DNS poisoning, or just information gathering, etc. It doesn't interrupt the normal connectivity of the device it is plugged into.

6. HackRF One

HackRF One

It is a software-defined radio peripheral capable of transmission of radio signals between 1MHz to 6GHz. It installs a powerful software-defined radio (SDR) system instead of typical hardware.

7. SharkJack


The SharkJack is a portable network attack tool out of the box it's armed with ultra-fast payloads that provide quick and easy reconnaissance. SharkJack is perfect for social engineering attacks. It has a simple scripting language that is designed to make loading payloads a breeze. The Shark Jack is perfect for wired network auditing.

8. Keysy RFID Duplicator

Keysy RFID duplicator

A Keysy is an RFID Duplicator that can quickly copy RFID key cards and key fobs. The Keysy allows you to copy up to 4 RFID credentials (125kHz). You can then use the RFID credentials when you place your Keysy key fob in front of an RFID reader. Additional rewritable keyfobs are sold separately.